ajConsulting Personal touch

Who we are

We are people :)

Communication and cooperation are our hallmarks.

We nurture open and professional relationships, based on mutual values.

Sharing what is best is our imperative.

ajConsulting is by people for people

We consolidate experience and knowledge of organisational objectives and structures combined with the roles responsible for business, strategy, operations or project management where technology matters.

We work to our own high standards, learning as we go from the challenges we face.

We offer a unique, boutique and individual service.

We rely on values important to people

We respect people, their time and their choices.

Trust, based on honesty, credibility and transparency, is essential for us.

Caution and confidentiality are the cornerstones of our work.

What we do

We get to know people :)

We look for people with exceptional abilities and potential.

We approach selected or recommended people who are at ease with themselves and with other people, based on their competences.

We value people who want to develop themselves and appreciate the importance of relationships.

We share our know-how with people

We analyse market trends.

We help to identify new possibilities to develop skills and career paths.

We provide comprehensive advice on how to build a skills profile and present it professionally.

We recruit people

We focus on projects requiring high competencies.

We work with companies which apply best practices and key trends.

We specialize in the field of information technology.

How we work

We cooperate with people for people :)

Getting in contact with us is confidential, free of charge and without any obligation.

We pace ourselves to ensure that each step builds value for both parties.

Relationship with us can be of cognitive, recruiting, referential, advisory or business nature.

We only recruit people whom we are willing to recommend

Openness to get to know each other and readiness to accept the rules are our starting point.

We represent our clients on the basis of a contract, knowledge of their organisations and arrangements with their decision-makers.

We carefully analyse the background, skills, experience, achievements and expectations of the person before we introduce our client to them.

We recommend a person to our client based on suitability and compatibility.

We offer guidance in writing and update CVs at every stage of the process, demonstrating and explaining the perspective of the other party.

The selected person signs an employment contract directly with our client.

We remain in contact with the selected person once work has commenced.

We protect personal data

Personal data is protected in accordance with the current law.

The person has the right to access their personal data, have it rectified or erased at any time and determine the scope of data provided to us.

The transfer of personal data to a specific client is subject to the consent of the person whose personal data is involved.

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